Engineering & Design

Engineering Services

As the experts in conveyor belt tracking, we have designed and retrofitted conveyors to run at optimum levels in many industries.

If you are designing a conveyor system, consult with an Eckels-Bilt engineer and design a conveyor that tracks and runs true from the start.

Installation Supervision

An Eckels-Bilt technician or engineer can be provided, upon request, to supervise your team for the installation of conveyor belt tracking systems or conveyor equipment.

Tracking System and Conveyor Audits

Eckels-Bilt can do an entire audit of all trackers in your facility and give a full report with recommendations on part replacements and tracker upgrades.

Conveyor belt tracking system audits increase tracker, belt, and conveyor life; reduce maintenance costs; and decrease downtime.

Why should you have your tracking systems evaluated?

  • Improved tracking by eliminating underperforming, worn, or damaged tracking systems
  • Identify what conveyors have trackers and what model is on that conveyor
  • Simplify tracker and spare parts identification process
  • Receive upgrade recommendations, which will reduce spare parts inventory by streamlining models

What does each audit include?

  • A complete operational and condition assessment of each existing Eckels-Bilt belt tracker
  • Recommendations for improved tracking
  • Database of each tracker identifying the conveyor description, model, serial number, and type of sensor
  • Updated spare parts list with dimensioned parts drawing for each tracker

Customer must provide a full time mechanic, knowledgeable in the plant layout to identify conveyors, locate trackers, remove guards, etc.

From simply keeping the belt on the conveyor to the highest pinpoint accuracy, we have a conveyor solution just for you!

Any temperature

Temperatures of -20°F to 700°F

Any conveyor width

Conveyor belt widths from 2" to 220"

Any conveyor length

Conveyor lengths of 1' to 750'

Any conveyor type

From fabric belting to wire mesh to solid metal bands and more

Reversing conveyors

Forward or backward, we track it

In 50 years, we've never encountered a belt we can't track.

Ready to simplify your conveyor belt maintenance program? Put an Eckels on it.

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