Electric Trackers


The Eckels-Bilt E-Tracker is a system designed to track the edge of a conveyor belt with more precision and system feedback. The key components of the system are the SmartMotor, actuator, tracking rollers and the connections box. Any of the EBI pneumatic trackers can be upgraded to the e-tracking system.


  • Conveyor Belt Tracking of +/- 1/16 inch
  • Feedback Control System using an Animatics SmartMotor
  • Reversing functionality
  • Non-Touch or Touch Sensing System
  • System Indicator Outputs for Disaster Prevention


  • Eckels-Bilt programmed servo motor and actuator for tracking force adjustments
  • Analog edge sensor for accurate conveyor belt detection
  • Eckels-Bilt belt tracker and rollers
  • Red Lion HMI preprogrammed for Eckels-Bilt E-tracker

Tracker Operation Theory

The Eckels-Bilt E-Tracker is an electrical active tracking system. An active tracking system has constant control of the belt. The E-Tracker uses feedback continually make adjustments to keep the belt edge within 1/16 of an inch to the set point of the system.


A single sensor is used to determine the location of the conveyor belt edge. There are two general options for sensing – touch and non-touch. A touch sensor is a mechanical system that the edge of the belt runs against. The non-touch sensor is a light band fork sensor that the edge of the belt runs through without contacting the sensor. Both options are used to send a measurement of the belt position back to the SmartMotor. An ultrasonic paddle design is used for thick belts in harsh environments. The analog fork sensor is for thin belts.

Touch options

(Actual mounting brackets may differ from the shown below)

Non-contact option



Tracking Rollers

The actuator shifts the tracking roller(s) back and forth in a line parallel to the belt direction. This creates an angle between the roller(s) and the conveyor belt. The wrap of the belt over the tracking rollers along with friction, belt tension, and roller angle generate tracking forces in the plane of the belt. The belt is actually “steered” by traction forces rather than edge forces or differential tension forces that cause belt edge damage and uneven stretching of the belt.


The Eckels-Bilt DE-Tracker provides an electrically driven system at a lower price than the E-Tracker. It is designed for portable conveyors and environments without compressed air. It uses an edge sensor to detect each side of the belt and adjusts the actuator when the conveyor belt is detected.


  • Fully electric (110VAC or 12VDC)
  • Continual adjustments to the tracking force
  • Ideal for airport baggage conveyors and bulk material handling equipment


  • Electric Actuator for making adjustments to the tracking force
  • Two edge sensors for detection of the conveyor belt edges
  • Eckels-Bilt belt tracker and rollers

From simply keeping the belt on the conveyor to the highest pinpoint accuracy, we have a conveyor solution just for you!

Any temperature

Temperatures of -20°F to 700°F

Any conveyor width

Conveyor belt widths from 2" to 220"

Any conveyor length

Conveyor lengths of 1' to 750'

Any conveyor type

From fabric belting to wire mesh to solid metal bands and more

Reversing conveyors

Forward or backward, we track it

In 50 years, we've never encountered a belt we can't track.

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